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There is a 3 % credit card fee.

Net Terms are available for customers purchasing over $50,000 per month. Keep in mind this is special pricing for complete systems. Other configurations or options may cost a bit more. Limited to stock on hand but we usually start with over 200x units to list them here. Creditworthy customers can purchase on our equipment lease. Take price /10. Then 11x monthly payments last month is $1. This allows our hosting customers to pay vs income. This allows our corporate customers 11x easy "operational cloud" payments and 1x final fixed asset payment.

Feel free to share these deals with your associates.

All servers here come with a 1-year warranty. Some servers come from large corporate customers such as Amazon or Apple. they may have slightly different firmware than the production chain. Some CPUs may be custom pn or step code from the Large End user. We usually won't sell them here unless we can independently at least update IPMI firmware to production patches and updates. Most all machines are in stock and can be configured to ship in 48 hours. Large Qty takes a few days. Never underestimate the Tflops of a UPS truck full of servers headed your way. Almost as quick as GCP or EC2 without the bandwidth bills!!

Our Mission and Joy here at
UNIXSurplus is to bring reused servers to you at a great deal.

We love our servers and our customers. We have almost 85 people here in our small business all proudly working to make this a great experience for you. We want you to go green and love these servers too! Just call us anytime at our toll-free number. If you have a problem on any CEO hack server it is the CEO's responsibility to make it right! Just ask for support and I will get back to you in 48 hours.