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Is your SATA Hard Drive not spinning up?

If your SATA hard drive is not spinning up, This might be due to the PWDIS feature in newer SATA specs.
PWDIS allows remote restart of data center hard drives by applying 3.3Volts to Pin 3 momentarily.

The PWDIS feature can cause issues when connected to older systems.
A constant voltage of 2.2 - 3.6V on Pin 3 can keep the drive in sleep mode.

Test if your drive has PWDIS by:

  • Referring to the pin definitions in the manufacturer info.

  • Image 1

  • Testing if Pin 3 gets 2.2V - 3.6V.

  • Image 2

  • Putting tape on Pin 3, THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED AS A FIX.

  • Image 3


Use a “Molex to SATA” or "SATA to SATA" power adapter, this will disable the PWDIS feature.

  • Molex to SATA Power Adapter
  • Image 4

  • SATA to SATA Power Adapter

  • Image 5