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Purchase refurbished Supermicro servers from UNIXSurplus, INC, and save money without compromising on performance. If you order directly from us, we can provide our white glove service, ensuring your order meets all of your needs and at a competitive price.

Our extensive Supermicro server selection offers a wide range of configurations to suit your needs, backed by our commitment to exceptional service and support, we can build just about anything for you. At UNIXSurplus, INC, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every purchase.

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Why choose Refurbished Supermicro Servers?

Leveraging refurbished servers not only aids in scaling up your company at minimal expense but also contributes to
environmental conservation by reducing electronic waste. Google and other companies of comparable size use refurbished servers, and given
the open design architecture of Supermicro, it is a great option if you are starting a project from the bottom up. Here are a couple of reasons
why you should consider refurbished servers for your project.

Environmental Footprint
Environmental Footprint

Reducing the accumulation of electronic waste in landfills, rivers, and oceans, mitigates pollution and conserves natural resources for future generations.

Cost and Performance
Cost and Performance

The primary advantage of investing in refurbished servers is cost savings, potentially up to 80% compared to purchasing new ones. If properly maintained, refurbished servers can offer better value than new ones.

Reliable Hardware

Our Refurbished Servers are meticulously tested, repaired, upgraded, and tested again before resale, guaranteeing reliability. All of our servers come with a 60-day seller warranty. Adding OEM spare parts can create more padding for warrantied products.

Maintainance and Servicing
Maintainance and Servicing

Opting for servers one or two generations older than the latest models offers advantages such as easier access to spare parts, simplifying maintenance procedures, and reducing costs associated with part replacement.

#1 Leading Bay Area Wholesaler for Refurbished Supermicro Servers

We recognize that not everyone has the same speed and data requirements. Whatever the project, if you are setting up your first home lab, expanding your small or large business, or filling a data center, UNIXSurplus offers a wide variety of fully customizable refurb Supermicro servers to meet your specific needs.

Built By Experts! 100% Customizable

Our talented and highly qualified team of technicians and sales professionals are standing by with our 60-day warranty in the unlikely scenario that anything is not up to standards. Choose UNIXSurplus for your next project.


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