Digital Loggers 8-Channel DIN Relay III Web Control AC or DC Device

Digital Loggers

Web switching is now affordable! Get a complete web server, power supply, auto-ping, clock/calendar, and eight relays all in a miniaturized package at a breakthrough price!

Control Any AC or DC Device!

Control anything anywhere! Do it reliably. Save time, eliminate service calls, save power. Reboot remote routers and APs. Control and sequence lighting, machinery, all via the web! Customize the web server with your own links. Do it all securely from your browser. You can quickly write programs for autonomous control.


- Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment in remote locations. Control and reboot equipment securely from your web browser or via program control. Increase uptime. Simplify wiring.

- The DIN relay is a low-cost, easy-to-use alternative to PLCs and PC-based controllers. Control one or hun-dreds of Ethernet relays from a single script. Access via the web from anywhere. Up to eight simultaneous connections are supported by the internal web server in each relay.

- Use the ?Auto-Ping? feature to automatically monitor critical network devices, such as wireless access points, routers, IP cameras and servers. If a device goes down, the relay will automatically reboot it with no user intervention. ?Locked-up? devices are brought back to life instantly. Service calls are eliminated. Free Windows and SYSLOG utilities provide email event notification.

- Eliminate overloads, brown-outs, blown breakers and other power problems before they occur. Start devices in proper sequence automatically. Balance power phasing and load factors to conserve energy. Eight individually controlled heavy duty T-90 SPDT relays give you " exibility for almost any industrial application. The relay can be linked to high-current contactors to control large loads.

- Command your relay using a friendly web interface, via a program or via the command line. Change the user-de! ned graphics and hyperlinks to customize the web pages. Programmable web links give you a seamless connection to all the relays in your enterprise.

- Control APs, routers, IP cams, machinery, industrial process equipment, motors, solar panels, servos, HVAC, de! nite purpose contactors... almost any device!

- Use scripts to automate control from remote LAN locations via LAN or WAN. An internal web server gives you manual orautomated control from anywhere in the world.

- Keypad allows local relay control.

- Clock / calendar with battery backup schedules events and starts user-de! ned scripts.

- Programmable LCD displays status, helps with initial setup, and shows user-programmable messages.

- Control directly via web http requests, simple scripts, program control, or automatically with AutoPing. Supports SYSLOG and external Windows utilities.

- Eight sturdy T-90 SPDT dry-contact relays are individually controlled over Ethernet by scripts or web commands.

- 10/100 autosensing plug-and-play Ethernet connection with static IP allows connection anywhere on your LAN or WAN.

- Multiple power-up recovery modes include sequential on, all- o$ , last state, start script, etc..

- Switching power supply operates e% ciently from any 9-24V AC or 9-48V DC power input. +5 output drives external logic.

- Snap directly to DIN rail or bolt securely via mounting ears.

- Rest assured with ! eld proven reliability. Over 150,000 DLI controllers are in use worldwide.

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