ASUS KGPE-D16 1x OS6128 With 16 mem slot 1x 2U heatsink with IO Shield

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ASUS KGPE-D16 1x OS6128 With 16 mem slot 1x 2U heatsink with IO Shield

About this product
Brand: ASUS

Product Key Features:
Form Factor: EEB (12"x13")
Socket Type: 2 x Socket G34 compatible
Compatible CPU Brand: Opteron 6100 series

Additional Product Features:
Networking Type: Gigabit Ethernet
Bios Type: Opteron 6200
Input/Output Ports:1 x PSU Power Connector (24-pin SSI power connector + 8-pin SSI 12V + 8-pin SSI 12V power connector)
1 x Management Connector , Onboard socket for management card
3 x USB pin header , Up to 6 Devices
1 x Internal A Type USB Port
8 x Fan Header , 4pin (3pin/4pin fan dual support)
2 x SMBus
1 x Serial Port Header
1 x TPM header
1 x PS/2 KB/MS port
Supported RAM Integrity Check: Non-ECC, ECC
Product Type: Motherboard
Audio Output Type: None
Storage Controllers: AMD SP5100: SATA-300 -connectors: 6 x 7pin Serial ATA - 6 devices

This listing comes with:
1x 2U heatsink
1x IO Shield

Motherboard link: (click here)

Our Standard is tested, working 100%, with FW update, and backed by our 30 Day Warranty!
How do we live up to this?... Our Tech team carefully runs tests on each board, Loading it up, tests sockets, inspects, to ensure all Sockets are functional.
-Bios update
-FW update
-IPMI Set and Tested
-Memory Test

Our system then pulls Board Spec data to print the Test report, which is sent off with each order. All boards in this listing are built to the following Specifications by our Tech Team, FW updated and ready to be put into your latest projects.

Don't Void Your Warranty: Swapping out CPUs or Memory can result in damaging Pins on your board. We encourage contacting us if something isn't functioning as you'd expected for any reason. Our extensive test and Test Reports ensures your board was shipped 100% working!

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